My First In-Park Disneybound!

Hey everyone! It’s been forever!

I recently had a reunion with two of my Disney College Program roommates at Walt Disney World, and we decided that we absolutely HAD to Disneybound on our trip! Because there were three of us, we thought it’s be a great time to bust out the Aristocats!

Castle Aristocats DisneyboundMy friend Katie is Marie, I’m Berlioz and my friend Jesi is Toulouse!

We spent our Disneybound day in Magic Kingdom, which was a ton of fun! I was a little bummed that no cast members approached us right away, but when we were on Space Mountain, we got a taste of good old Disney magic. We had to be evacuated from the ride, so we got to see it with the lights on. The manager who was distributing Aristocats Disneyboundre-admission passes recognized us right away and told us that the Aristocats was one of her favorite movies!

Later, we went to meet Marie, and the wait was totally worth it. She loved our bows!

It was a really great day! I think it was a successful first in-park and first group Disneybound!

The Disney College Program application process, Disney-fied

Last year, I made a post about college exams using all Disney gifs. Y’all seemed to like that. Well, here’s the Disney College Program application process in gifs!

First, you fill out the application and make sure everything is just right.


All done with the application? Now it’s time for your timed web-based interview.
(It kind of has this affect on you after staring at a screen for so long.)


A few minutes later, you hear that you’ve passed!


Time to schedule your phone interview! You make sure you’re in a quiet spot and wait for the phone call.


You have a nice conversation with your recruiter…


…but that doesn’t make you any less nervous.


You keep waiting…

Pan clock

…and waiting…



…and waiting to hear if you’ve been accepted.


But don’t worry, there are a lot of other people in that boat too.


After days, weeks or even months, you FINALLY get your acceptance email!




Mad Hatter


Ohio State impresses with Disney tribute

This August, the Ohio State University marching band performed their tribute to animated feature music in their halftime show at the Ohio State-Buffalo game.

I’m in awe of the opening. How cool is it that they made the castle…and added flags to the torrents in Ohio State colors? I also love the Mr. Incredible element at the end, giving him a “uniform” with the banner.

I have to admit, I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t dedicate the entire show to Disney. The band could have easily taken the Shrek element out or added more non-Disney songs to make it more balanced, but it was still spectacular!

What was your favorite part? Have you seen the University of Hawaii’s marching band Disney tribute?

5 DIY Disney Halloween costumes for college students

Now that it’s October, it’s time to start thinking about Halloween! Instead of going out and buying a $60 “sexy” costume that isn’t you, how about these DIY Disney alternatives?

5. Green Army Men
Green Army Men
Grab a few of your buddies and head down to your local Goodwill to buy some jackets, cargo pants, and boots. Next, you’ll need a bottle of green spray paint, some green costume makeup, and maybe a nerf gun or two from your local Walmart. If you want to get really fancy, superglue a piece of cardboard to the bottom of the boots. Bada-bing, bada-boom, you’ve got green army men from Toy Story.

4. Cheetah Girls
Cheetah Girls
All you need are some colorful track suits, sweat bands, and some cheetah-print accessories, and you can rock out with three of your favorite sisters. Cheetah sisters, that is.

3. Zenon
Zetus lapetus! You could have the coolest costume out there if you dress like the girl of the 21st century. All you need are pink leggings with a matching long sleeve shirt, a blue skirt and a vest. You’ll be rocking out to Protazoa all night. Zoom, zoom, zoom!

2. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable
Kim Possible
Here’s the sitch: grab some green cargo pants, a tight black long sleeve shirt and some black gloves and you’re Kim Possible. Want to go all out? Find a utility belt.

1. Recess
Who wouldn’t want to dress like Vince, Spinelli, Mikey, TJ, Gretchen or Gus? You can find most of the elements of these costumes in a friend’s or your own wardrobe. Everything else can most likely be found at Goodwill or Walmart. And the Recess possibilities don’t stop there! You could channel your inner King Bob, the diggers, Miss Finster or the kindergarteners.

Is there a cooler or easier Halloween costume out there?
King BobKing Bob says no.

Disney launches “Show Your Disney Side” campaign

Remember when the rumor mill was turning last month about the “Show Your Disney Side” campaign Disney might be launching? Looks like the rumors were true!

Disney recently launched the Show Your Disney Side page as part of the Disney Parks website. Guests are invited to share photos and videos of their Disney vacations by using the hashtag #DISNEYSIDE. Now here’s the kicker: most of the photos on the website allude to sharing photos that contain costuming and Disneybounding. Disneybounders rejoice!

For more information about the new campaign, visit the Disney Parks website.

Second Kent State Disneybound Day announced

Disneybounding is back at Kent State Wednesday, October 16, and this time, it’ll be bigger and better than ever! KSU students who Disneybound October 16 are all cordially invited to a meet-up in the Hub at 6:30 p.m. where we’ll eat, take a group picture and enjoy each other’s company.

For more information, visit the event’s Facebook page.

db poster

Walt Disney World Dapper Day

Why does my heart hurt? Oh yeah, because Walt Disney World celebrated Dapper Day last Saturday, September 21. Several of my good friends from my Disney College Program participated in Dapper Day; to say I was jealous would be an understatement. Once again, I was sidelined in Ohio and relied on Tumblr for photos of all the amazing Disneybounds.

What is it with Woody and Bo Peep Disneybounds that set my heart aglow? This couple reached for the stars when they dressed as the rootinest, tootinest cowboy and his lady fair. They sure know how to round up a great Disneybound! Thanks to truncatedview for sharing their photos!

Woody & Bo Peep

I’ve never seen a real Penny Disneybound before Dapper Day, and I really appreciate that someone took the time to show some love to the characters from Bolt. It’s a little difficult to see in the picture, but this bounder, brazosypiernas, had a lightning bolt bracelet that really tied the outfit right back to the film.


My third place ribbon is split in half. The first half goes to Disneybounder breakfastatdior and his homage to Louis from Princess and the Frog. The colors he incorporated weren’t too in-your-face, and I love the bow tie, suspenders and hat! He tied it together with a trumpet, and while I don’t really consider props part of Disneybounding, it really let people see who he was trying to emulate.


The other half of the third place ribbon goes to two Monsters Inc. bounders. As soon as I glanced at this picture, I knew exactly who the two were supposed to be: Roz and Sulley. The Roz bounder is verging on costuming with her hair and clip board, but I really loved the concept.

Roz & Sulley

Here’s a gallery of some other Disneybounds from Dapper Day, all borrowed from the Disneybound tag on Tumblr. Can you tell who they’re Disneybounding as?

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